When robustness matters.

The seamless special coating. No rust. No breaking. No abrasion. No slipping.
The universal coating for all loading areas.
Die universelle KCN Beschichtung für alle Ladeflächen

Unimpressible: Polyurethane and Polyurea

Our coatings are exposed daily to adverse conditions and tough usage – no cause for us to panic.

The application possibilities of KCN
coating are almost unlimited.

Due to their outstanding features, these synthetic materials are versatile. Whether industry, architecture, vehicles, pick up and off-road sports or boats and accessories – our coating feels everywhere at home.

Regarding commercial vehicles, there are numerous ways to get a material and optical value: The seamless application of the coating prevents, among other things rust and scratches, and is also suitable for food delivery.

In the industrial sector the coating provides through its unique features, options that are otherwise hardly possible. Thus, for example, the coating of wooden loudspeaker boxes, molded parts made of foam, small metal parts right up to floors made of concrete is no problem. For each application there is the right product.

Read more details under the section: applications or look at the examples in the gallery. This shows you where a coating can be used.

Anything’s possible – the application possibilities

The application of our coating is almost unlimited.

Whether paint, metal, wood, concrete, fiberglass or polystyrene – the underground does not matter. By directly applying and the drying within seconds our coating is virtually independent of any form. The applications range from a pick up and food delivery to loudspeaker boxes to architectural design.


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Against a small fee, we offer a collection and delivery service for vehicles within 100 km radius of our company. This service is also available for non-registered vehicles (temporary license plate on hand).

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