Here you can read detailed information on the possible uses with tools, machines, floors, exhibitions and construction vehicles. If you need urgent information, kindly call us.


Loading: The conventional steel platforms for trucks are compared to those made of aluminum very cheap and very robust, but unfortunately also very heavy. KCN coating gives the option of combining the advantages of aluminum trays and steel platforms, without having to accept disadvantages: aluminum platform coated with polyurea is light, highly abrasion-resistant and durable. This is why the coated aluminum platform is ultimately not only lighter, but also cheaper than the steel platform.

Tools & Machines

Varnished machines and tools such as Forklifts, lifting carriages or containers are prone to scratches and paint pops. Shortly afterwards corrosion follows. From the very beginning, a KCN coating reliably prevents this. Many tools are required to have a soft surface to protect sensitive materials from damage. Our coating offers optimal adhesion associated with a high abrasion resistance and protection. This result is a significantly longer life than commercially glued rubber pads. Additional benefits: Anti-drone and vibration protection.


A coated floor is easy to clean, seamless, non-slip and abrasion-resistant. In addition, the coating effectively dampens noise. We can coat in colors according to your wish.


Coated exhibition components have the advantage that they are both perfectly protected during assembly and disassembly as well as during storage. This allows them to remain visually appealing, even after a long time.


You have an idea for a completely different field of application for our coating? Call us, we are happy to talk with you about details and feasibility. We will be glad to help you!